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Newsletter #6 – Batteries and other important stuff


Some mid-week updates, short and sweet, but important…


1. Batteries Update from FIRST. Batteries for teams competing internationally “Please note that if you are competing internationally, FIRST will no longer provide dedicated batteries at the events. Therefore, teams are encouraged to bring or ship their own Robot batteries.” In the past, FIRST used to provide 2 dedicated batteries per international team at the Spare parts booth. However, we have determined that the robot batteries can be shipped inside the crate, with proper signage and packing, so we will no longer provide these at events. There will still be batteries at Spare parts but to be used by all teams as needed. We have updated the Crate Construction document to reflect this, as well as posted it on the Robot transportation page.

2. National Anthem. If someone from your team would like to sing the National Anthem, please contact me as soon as possible. [email protected] International teams- this apply to you too.

3. Photos. We have 16 teams so far. I can’t update the presentation once I send it to FIRST, so if you don’t send me your picture, it won’t be on the screen. Send it now and cross it off your list!

4. Workshops. We will have two workshops run by FPL on Thursday March 2nd, 10 and 11 am, Room 1L. Find out about the many opportunities for a career in the energy sector with the Florida Power and Light Company, the state’s largest electric utility and Nextera Energy, the world’s largest producer of renewable energy from the wind and sun. Bring your resume for some immediate feedback, learn about the interview process, and tips for landing a successful internship or entry level position.

We will also have an ARMY ROTC workshop again this year. Last year they raffled a very cool $300+ drone between the teams that attended. Make sure you send someone this year!


Sandra Contreras
Regional Director, FIRST ® South Florida