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Newsletter #5 – Stress vs. Planning


Dear Mentors,

Stress is inversely proportional to planning, so allow me to help you with some planning, and therefore reduce your level of stress when you come to the South Florida Regional…

1. Team picture. If you don’t see your picture in the website (, you won’t see it at the Regional during the games. We need you team picture ASAP.

2. Agenda. Tentative Agenda is attached. Note there is a Mentors’ Meeting on Thursday. Please plan to attend.
3. Hotels. Our event is during Palm Beach high season. Hotels are expensive, and the room blocks we have are ending. The hotels that still have rooms for us at discounted prices are: Best Western (2/21), Hilton (2/28), Holiday Inn (2/21). The dates inside the () are when the blocks are released and we no longer have preferred pricing. Please use our website to do your reservations.
4. Food. There will be food for you to pre-order. Enclosed is the form to do so. Please note that you can NOT bring food INSIDE the Palm Beach Convention Center. However you can eat anything you want outside.
5. Volunteers. Kuddos to team 79 – KRUNCH. They are the ONLY team that has offered volunteers – even though they are coming just with a skeleton crew. Great GP! We are very short on volunteers, every team should try to help us by volunteering to take care of Safety Glasses and Crowd Control stations. Please contact Lisa Smith at [email protected] to schedule your time slot. Also, if your team is helping with SETUP or TEAR DOWN – please register in VIMS!
6. Gracious Professionalism Matters. Make sure your team and your guests know this: when your team is being introduced you can stand in your place, scream and shout to your heart’s content. Once the game starts EVERYONE has to SIT DOWN!  And do NOT stand on the chairs. People will be asked to leave if they are standing on the chairs.
7. Shoes. Every year we have guests that don’t come with closed-toe shoes, after all we are in Florida, right? If you want to lend a hand, bring an extra pair of shoes for our visitors. We’ll place a box in the Safety Glass table. Make sure you pick them up at the end of the regional, or we’ll donate them. Sizes needed: Men 8-11 and Women 5-10
8. Student Ambassadors. Please fill the enclosed form and send it to our Ambassador Coordinator Stacey Jones at  [email protected]
9. Team Social. I sent the wrong email address, sorry! Please contact Karla Chang at [email protected] to RSVP for the Team Social. Looks like fun, make sure your team is included!
10. Dreyage. If you are sending your robot to the regional, our master in Dreyage is Mr. David Ellich. Please contact him directly at  [email protected]
11. CSA. We need a second CSA to help support the teams with control system issues in the pits and who assists teams with Robot Control System-related issues.  Please contact Warren Boudreaux at  [email protected]
12. Brothers and Sisters Program. The South Florida FIRST Presidents Club is matching out-of-state and international teams with local teams to make sure they get all the support they need while they are visiting us. Please contact Sid Rath, President of the Club at [email protected] to get matched. Or contact him if you want your team to help welcome an OOS or International team.
13. Seniors Recognition. Please let your Seniors know that they need to register at the VIP table when they arrive.
14. Parking. The Convention Center is building a new parking lot. The cost per day is $10. Load in on Wednesday will NOT incur parking fees, but you need to stay in your vehicle to move it out of the way for upcoming teams. There is no space for Trucks, RVs or Buses in the new parking garage.  If you have an over-sized vehicle they will give you a spot in the old parking area and charge you extra. Please note FIRST has no inference in what they charge for parking. The parking lot is owned by the County. Feel free to contact them.
Now, thanks to the suggestion of Team MARS, our Newsletters are posted in our website:
If you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat to lower your stress, give me a call at 954-281-2202 or email me at [email protected]
Sandra Contreras

Regional Director, FIRST ®  South Florida

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology