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2018 Newsletters #1 – Welcome!

Welcome to the 2018 South Florida Regional. We are working hard to make sure you have a fabulous time here with us!
1.Let’s Get to Know Each Other
 Can you please send me – BEFORE March/16/18 -:
  • A picture of your team
  • A picture of your robot
  • Your logo
  • A link to your Twitter account
  • A picture of your mentors
  • Do you have any mentor who has been a Woodie Flowers Finalist or Winner?
Please email this to: [email protected]
Your pictures will be posted in our website: and they will be used for the presentation that we run on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the regional.
After March 16 I won’t add pictures and/or logos to our presentation, so KINDLY send me your pictures before that date. Every year students and parents follow me once they get into the regional, asking to get their team’s picture (and logo, or robot) in the big screen. Please don’t let your team be one of the stalkers 🙂  I can’t add you at the regional – It’s TOO LATE! Do this on time and make them (and me) happy!
And since we are in “asking mode”, Please make my life easier and try to put the team number in the pictures name. Don’t send me IMG_4567.jpg – send me Team222.jpg
2. Mentors Meeting ONLINE – Don’t miss it!
We are trying something new this year. We will be having 2 ONLINE sessions for the mentors before the event. Please choose only one session to attend, and make sure you have access to the internet. We will be showing a presentation with all the information relevant to the South Florida Regional.
March 12 at 6:00 PM EST
March 13 at 8:00 PM EST


3. Workshops
We have been working with some amazing teams and people from our community to offer 4 very special workshops. Please register your team, and the number of people that will attend, using this form. We expect all workshops to fill up, so register early. And share this with your parents!!

4. Food. 

There will be food for your team to pre-order. Enclosed is the form to do so. You can NOT bring food INSIDE the Palm Beach Convention Center. However you can eat anything you want outside. There is a beautiful patio to have a picnic but has no benches or tables, and there is also a park right behind us, just make sure you don’t take too long – matches will not be delayed for missing teams.  Also, this year the concession stand will be open to buy lunch, snacks, and more.

In addition, Team 3932 The Dirty Mechanics has negotiated a special rate with Chick-Fill-A. Please see enclosed form as well.
5. Volunteers. We are very short on volunteers to help with Safety Glasses and Crowd Control, therefore it would be very appreciated if each team would help us by volunteering to take care of these two important stations. We have divided the days in blocks, and we ask for teams to provide 6 volunteers for Safety glasses and/or 10 volunteers for Crowd Control. Please fill this form to schedule your time slot.
First come first served, and everyone is expected to serve, so do this as soon as possible. Thanks!
We also need a team to help to the Tear Down of the Field. If your team can help, please contact Warren Bouderaux at [email protected]
 6. Student Ambassadors. Our Ambassador Coordinator Stacey Jones will be selecting up to 20 students to serve as Student Ambassadors to meet with company sponsors, media outlets, escort visitors around the Palm Beach Convention Center and serve as an information source at the Information Desk during the Regional. These students also give VIP tours. Hence, they need to be able to comfortably talk with adults in clear and concise terms, convey the values of FIRST, and be able to give statistics about the Regional and their own teams.  Please fill the form here:
Stacey Jones can be reached at  [email protected] All selected ambassadors need to attend a meeting on Thursday March 29th at 9:00 AM in Room 1L
7. Video Interviews
During this regional, Team 5472 Stallions will be helping us develop some videos!! And we would love to have your team participate in them. Please fill out this form here: and reserve your interview spot. Make sure you send your top speakers, as these videos will be distributed EVERYWHERE! You will receive an email confirming your post and the list of questions your team will be asked.
8. Hotels 

We have a list of hotels that have agreed to give special pricing for the teams attending the event. Please visit our website, and go to the hotels tab. There you will see a map with the hotels and a link to the Experient website.
Please help us by filling this survey once you have done your reservations:
9. Final Note for Florida Teams
As you can see, getting this regional ready takes a lot of time, energy, and dedication. Hence, I am looking for a Florida High School or College student that would be interested in earning some generous Service Hours by helping me with tasks that include administrative duties. If you know an outstanding student that you think could be interested in doing this, please contact me at [email protected]
Let’s POWER UP Florida!