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2018 Newsletter # 2 – Can you feel the POWER?

We do! It’s almost here! And we are getting ready to host you guys. We just need to go over a couple of things:

  • Student Ambassadors. Thank you to teams 179, 744, 801, 1876, 3164, 3242, 4562 for applying. The other  49 teams, please don’t wait too long to do it. Here is the link in case you lost it:
  • Workshops. We are having a great response so far – Awesome! We still have some spots left. Register here:
  • Seniors Picture. As mentioned in the Mentors’ Meeting, we will have a Seniors Picture on Friday at 8:00 am. Before that picture we need all the seniors to register here: so they can receive their certificate.
  • Volunteers. All Safety Glasses positions have been filled, but we still have open slots for Crowd Control. Please register your team volunteers here:
  • More Volunteers. We also need 7 Field assembly and 7 Field Disassembly volunteers. South Florida teams – this is your chance to SHINE!! Contact Warren at  [email protected] and help out.
  • Video Interviews. So far we have 7 teams with a reservation to be on the video. Make sure your team participates by selecting a spot here:
  • International Teams. We would like to celebrate not only your robot but your culture too. Please send me 5 songs you would like to have played during the regional. And be ready for singing your National Anthem both days at 8:00 AM at the queuing area.
  • Batteries for International Teams. Team 59 traditionally asks US teams to help International teams attending the South Florida Regional with batteries. If you want to participate in this very much needed program, please contact Charlie at [email protected] This year we have 5 international teams that will need your support with batteries, so your help is very much needed and appreciated.
  • The SOFLO Pit Stop. New this year, we will have a place for the students to eat, relax, and be merry. If your team would like to bring some games (and some TVs) and be in charge of this space, please let me know.
  • Color Guard. We are still in desperate need of a Color Guard for Friday Opening Ceremonies. Please send me an email if you think you can help us with this.
  • Hotels Team 21, 386 and 1876 THANK YOU for filling the Hotel Survey.  The rest, please remember to fill this survey if you are staying in a hotel. It really helps us get better prices for next year.

And on that note, if you are staying in the Holiday Inn in Lantana (not the one we have in our website), Team 4118 recommends you call them to make sure you still have reservations. Apparently they had a change in management and all reservations were deleted?!?!

And that’s all for now…

Let’s POWER UP Florida!